HA-101 סד מנוחה עם כרית מתנפחת דגם


HA-101 סד מנוחה עם כרית מתנפחת דגם


מחירים מיוחדים לבתי חולים, קופות חולים, בתי אבות וצוותי שיקום, פיזיותרפיה וריפוי בעיסוק .
להצעת מחיר: 052-3109910

The Comfy™ Hand Air Orthosis is an exceptionally useful splint for the severely contracted hand. It has an adjustable Air Bladder that allows gradual extension of the MP, DIP and PIP joints, as well as an adjustable wrist for customized fit. Ingeniously designed by a therapist, one simply inserts the un-inflated splint with the Bladder under the fingers and then pumps air to inflate the Bladder and increase finger extension.

• Ideal for the severely contracted hand

• Inflatable air bladder allows for gradual MP, DIP and PIP joint extension

• Adjustable wrist provides for low pressure stretch therapy

• Hand Bladder can be used separately without full orthosis as needed

• Can fit into even the most tightly clenched hand

•Headliner Material only



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